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Brookes Restorations

Master Restorers Of Porcelain, Crystal, and Fine Art Objects


We offer free estimates. The client is responsible for insuring his/her items and for postal service fees. 

 Our restoration prices are based on the complexity of the work and the severity of the damage. The value of the item does  not affect  the price.

 Please contact us before shipping any damaged items for assessment. We ask that you provide a phototgraph of the item  via  traditional or electronic mail, along with any questions or comments you might have, your telephone number, and the  best time to  reach you.

 Within a week of receiving your request and photograph, we will send you a written, no-obligation estimate, which will  include the  restoration method that will be used on your item, as well as an approximate fee for the work.

 We look forward to hearing from you.

Packing & Shipping

Pack your valuables with newspaper, popping paper, or packing peanuts. Pack with plenty of padding and pack tightly so that there can be no shifting. To further insulate your valuables, we recommend that you place the box in a an outer box that is a couple of inches larger on all 6 sides and insert packing material between the two boxes. Also please remember to clearly mark the box, “Fragile.”

Include your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number and amount you want your valuables insured for on the return trip inside the box. We urge you to please use UPS as your shipper. We will not be responsible for filing a damage claim with the US Postal Service, as they require we have knowledge and value of your contents. If you choose to use the US Postal Service, please do not require signature for delivery.

Upon receipt of your valuables, we will notify you of what our charges will be for the repair before any repairs have been made. After we receive your package, we will contact you once we’ve estimated your items.

Upon completion of repair, we will return your valuables to you either UPS COD or we can bill you for repairs and shipping and ship upon receipt of your check.

You are responsible for return shipping charges even if your valuables cannot be repaired. There is an estimated 6 to 8 week turn around time on repairs.

Please ship to our Los Angeles location: Brookes Restorations 7159 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036