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Brookes Restorations

Master Restorers Of Porcelain, Crystal, and Fine Art Objects

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Crystal Repair
in Los Angeles & Westlake Village, CA

Brookes Restorations is a respected and well reviewed ceramic, porcelain, and crystal repair/restoration service with locations in Los Angeles and Westlake Village. We are a family owned business with over 40 years experience in repairing fine art and antique items.

Porcelain repair and restoration in Los Angeles and Westlake Village.

Porcelain Repair

We are experts in the complete repair, restoration, and conservation of porcelain. The items we restore are extensive, but commonly include vases, bowls, statues, and fine art objects. Our process includes making missing parts, filling through fracture lines, matching color and design, and reglazing using professional, archival restoration materials.

Porcelain repair and restoration in Los Angeles and Westlake Village.

Crystal Repair & Restoration

Brookes Restorations specializes in repairing crystal, chandeliers, candelabras, mirrors, and art objects. Examples of crystal we repair are; stemware, vases, bowls, and statues. Our process removes the chipped areas, and surfaces are repolished. Broken crystal and glass can be bonded back together using a clear UV adhesive.

Antique and fine art ceramic repair and restoration in Los Angeles and Westlake Village, CA

Ceramic Restoration

Cermamic repair is very similar to porcelain restoration, though some materials used in the restoration process may differ due to the softer nature of the ceramic composition. The end results are the same. Invisible restoration can be attained.

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