“ As you know, I dropped  my wife's limited edition Lalique while she was away in Europe. I thought I would have to leave town when she got back and found out what happened. You restored it so perfectly that she is none the wiser, and the cost was less than a divorce. Thanks and I've learned my lesson-hands off!

                                                                     Richard McBryde

  "Thank you for the beautiful repair work of the porcelain doves. You are an amazingly talented artisan."

                                                                         G. Meister    

  "I have been your loyal customer for almost ten years. Yet every time the kids , the cat or my own clumsy hands manage to destroy one of my valuables, I doubt that it can be restored to its original state. When will I ever learn that you can always turn a frightful mess into a work of art."

                                                                           T. Arthur

  "My husband told me I was waisting my time trying to get our shattered Meissen figures repaired, but to our mutual delight you proved him wrong. We both extend our heart-felt thanks for your excellent service."

                                                                            Norma Merrill

 Dear Geoff, 

 During the past year you have done literally dozens of  figurine restorations for me of things that were damaged in  the 1994 Northridge earhquake. I had previously tried to get  them restored with another restorer, and after taking the  first two in to this 'expert' restorer became so discouraged  with the shoddy workmanship I put the rest of the damaged  items away.

 Last fall, however, your restoration service was recommended  to me and I took a few items for a  'test run' with you.  They were beautiful, I couldn't have asked for a better  restoration result. I could not tell that the figurines had  ever been broken, they were so expertly repaired. You were  even able to take apart the items the previous restorer had  'repaired' and fix them properly. They were back to mint  condition and I was so pleased with the result, after being  do devastated by first the earthquake then the pseudo-  restorations.

 During the following year I brought all my dozens of  figurines to you for restoration and never was disappointed  in the result. All, of many different materials and varied  values, were restored perfectly (and I'm not easy to  please!). Some figurines were shattered beyond what I  thought was fixable but you managed to restore them to  perfection.

 I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work you did on  my collection, many items old and irreplaceable, but all  equally valuable to me.

 Sincerely, B.N Hayes M.D. 


  "The dictionary defines the word smithereens as 'a collection of small fragments considered as a whole.' Well my Meissen was in tiny fragments all right, but it wasn't until you weilded your extraordinary craftsmanship that I could once again consider it as a whole. Wow, when you described your repair as 'invisible,' you really weren't kidding."

                                                                              V. Donatelli

  "Thank you so much for your excellent work and wonderful service. I am recommending you to all my friends, family and anyone else who requires only the best quality work.'

                                                                       Edward Desjardins

 "The earthquake robbed us of some of our most precious collectibles, but you returned them to us perfectly restored to their original condition. No one will ever be able to guess the terrible shape they were in. It gives me a real sense of security knowing you'll be there when we need you."

                                                                                             Toni Andersson

  "When I returned home with my beautifully restored Steuben, my son wagered that he could detect where it had been broken. Even though he cheated by using a magnifying glass, he lost the bet. Thanks to you for your terrific craftsmanship."

                                                                                              Paul Shillingburg

  "I don't know how you did it--maybe it's a combination of art, science and magic. What a pleasure dealing with people of such high standartds who not only meet, but exceed expectations. You've made me your customer for life."

                                                                                                  L. Benedict

  "I do not know how to start to thank you for the beautiful job you did on the restoration of the Wedgwood fairyland luster vase. It truly surprised me when I opened the box and removed the vase. I am so happy to have this object come back to life--thanks to you."                                  

                                                                        Bernard Jazzar   

"All the very best and thank you for your superb work“...  -Stephanie Zimbalist