with combined experience of over forty years,    we are specialists in the complete repair of  objects 'd' art and artifacts.

All work is done in-house by both master restorers and our highly trained artisans, who specialize in unique areas of restoration.

Our specially developed filling compound allows us to create missing areas and make missing parts (legs, arms, fingers, etc.).

Our bonding agents vary from traditional standard polymers to state-of-the-art epoxies.

Our paints are archieval — non-yellowing.

Our glaze (restorers glaze) has been specially formulated to our specifications by a leading art supply company.

Ceramic, porcelain and pottery, with their variety of glazed surfaces (gloss, semi-gloss, or matt) can be perfectly replicated.

The translucency and color variations of jade can be reproduced as well as the textures, tones and color variations of marble, alabaster, ivory and stone.

The aged surfaces and patinas of artifacts can also be perfectly replicated.

It is to be noted that repairs, although very durable, are cosmetic. Because items are not refired in a kiln, restorations are more suited for decorative than utilitarian purposes.



"Wnen I returned home with my beautifully restored Steuben, my son wagered that he could detect where it had been broken. Even though he cheated by using a magnifying glass, he lost the bet. Thanks to you for your terrific craftsmanship."
            Paul Shillingburg