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"I don't know how you did it—maybe it's a combination of art, science and magic. What a pleasure dealing with people of such high standards who not only meet, but exceed expectations. You've made me your customer for life."
                    L. Benedict

"The dictionary defines the word smithereens as 'a collection of small fragments considered as a whole.' Well my Meissen was in tiny fragments all right, but it wasn't until you wielded your extraordinary craftsmanship that I could once again consider it as a whole. Wow, when you described your repair as 'invisible,' you really weren't kidding."

                    V. Donatelli

"I have been your loyal customer for almost ten years. Yet every time the kids, the cat or my own clumsy hands manage to destroy one of my valuables, I doubt that it can be restored to it's original state. When will I ever learn that you can always turn a frightful mess into a work of art."
                         T. Arthur